500 KW installed at Islamic University of Science and Technology, Awantipora (Jammu & Kashmir)
100 KW installed at DC Office, Samba (Jammu & Kashmir)
150 KW installed at JKTDC, Srinagar (Jammu & Kashmir)
50 KW installed at DC Office, Jammu (Jammu & Kashmir)
50 KW installed at DC Office, Kathua (Jammu & Kashmir)
50 KW installed at Degree College, Rambam (Jammu & Kashmir)
Sunfuel and Solar Universe Join hands to install 500 mw in next three year
120 Kw solar plant successfully installed at Gannaur , Haryana
Sunfuel Supplied 30 Mw Solar panels for various off grid systems across India
Expanded to 100 MW from December 2017 , New factory is an innovative hub to run on 100% renewable energy.


During Early Stages of Solar industry , There have been reports from field that the module’s power out is going down drastically after few months into operation. The sudden drop in the power output particularly in power projects is attributed to a phenomenon called  “ Potential Induced Degradation  ( PID )” . Researchers  from Solon and Fraunhofer etc., have  found that due to improper grounding   at  Transformerless  ( TL )  inverters, certain charge remains in the panels causing the Ion  migration  from the glass thru EVA to cells and Frame.

What is Potential Induced Degradation:

  • Voltage (Potential) aging mechanism of modules which leads to decrease of PV module power.

Modules Exhibit Loss of Power Output due to:

  • Polarization of the cell surface
  • Polarization changes  at the semi-conductive junction

PID Contributing Factors

  • Sodium and potassium ion movement from glass towards cell
  • Negative bias accelerates more than positive bias
  • Temperature  ( Hot places )
  • Moisture  ( Thru back sheet )
  • Encapsulant properties  ( EVA formulations )


  • Modules with ground of cells to frame ground do not exhibit PID
  • Reverse bias overnight can help to reduce the effect
  • Use of PID resistant materials

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Electro Luminance  image of local panels before and after 100hr of 1000 V PID test – Power loss was 32%



Electro Luminance  image of Sunfuel’s panels before and after 100hr of 1000 V PID test – Power loss was nil.