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off grid solar charge controllerOff-grid solar system 12V/24V/36V48V 100A MPPT solar charge

Product name:off-grid solar system 12V/24V/36V48V 100A MPPT solar charge
Product model:





80A MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12V/24V/36V/48V auto recognition

This is a Maximum Power Point Tracking(MPPT) function with high efficiency MPPT charge controller. It has many advantages such as self cooling, system voltage automatic recognition, wide rang of PV input,bcharge for all kinds of batteries, intelligent discharge control, RS232 / LAN communication function etc. It is the most high-end product in solar market.
1.MPPT charge mode, conversion efficiency up to 99%.
2.12V/24V/36V/48V battery system automatic recognition, convenient for customers to use.
3.Maximum PV input voltage up to DC150V.
4.Controllers can be connected in unlimited parallels.
5.Memory function, to save the setting, date, time, generating capacity and so on .
6.Charge mode: three stages (fast charge ,constant charge ,floating charge). To extend the life span of the battery
7.Discharge mode: ON/OFF mode, double time control mode, PV voltage control mode ,PV voltage+time delay mode and so on .
8.Recommended battery types: sealed lead acid, Vented, Gel, NiCd battery. Other types of the batteries can also be defined, such as lithium battery etc.
9.Most information could be provide by LCD and LED like: model no., PV input voltage,battery type,battery voltage,charging current,charging power,working status and so on. Also customer’s information like company name,website and logo can be added to Solar Eagle software.
10.RS232 and LAN communication port, IP and Gate address could be defined by the users and it can be used all around the world. And communication protocol can be provided to help customer manage all information .
11.Provide professional upper computer software, it could show work status and set parameters of the discharge system.
12.With intelligent design, customers can enjoy a lifelong upgrade online service
13.Adopting the well-known brand components, the devices can suffer the temperature at least 105℃.The lifespan is designed to use for 10 years in theory.
14.Compliance with the 2002/95/EC environment protecting demand, doesn’t include the cadmium, hydride and fluoride etc .
15.CE,ROHS,FCC certifications approved, other certifications can also be made  based on different requirements.
16. 2 years warranty and 3~10 years extended technical service.

Product Parts:

NO. Quantity Description
   1 1PC MPPT Solar controller(Blue,Green or White)
2 2 pc hangers(To install the controller on the wall )
3 8 set Screw
(To keep the hangers into the controller )
4 1 pc RJ45 turn to RS232 communication cable
5 1 pc Temperature sensing wire
6 1 pc CD
7 1 pc User manual
products partsThe Main Information of MPPTSetting page:
Note: All above information is a sample which is the working state of Master in some time . In different working stage the parameters will change, like working mode , charge current ,charge mode ,charge power and so on ; In the fault mode it will show fault mode ;Upper Computer Software and Test Software
The interface of upper computer software working state
The interface of test software working state
MPPT Connection:


off grid parameters