500 KW installed at Islamic University of Science and Technology, Awantipora (Jammu & Kashmir)
100 KW installed at DC Office, Samba (Jammu & Kashmir)
150 KW installed at JKTDC, Srinagar (Jammu & Kashmir)
50 KW installed at DC Office, Jammu (Jammu & Kashmir)
50 KW installed at DC Office, Kathua (Jammu & Kashmir)
50 KW installed at Degree College, Rambam (Jammu & Kashmir)
Sunfuel and Solar Universe Join hands to install 500 mw in next three year
120 Kw solar plant successfully installed at Gannaur , Haryana
Sunfuel Supplied 30 Mw Solar panels for various off grid systems across India
Expanded to 100 MW from December 2017 , New factory is an innovative hub to run on 100% renewable energy.

Sunfuel is about harnessing the power of sun to generate electricity. With increasing global warming , it is onus of every individual, company and organisation to reduce the consumption of fossil fuel and adopt a new fuel i.e Sunfuel , it’s more environment and pocket friendly. Sun light is responsible for every life form on earth , technology has enabled us to use the sun fuel as the source to meet our energy requirement.

We produce solar PV modules with the highest energy output & unmatched reliability. Our quality product includes solar panels (Photo Voltaic Modules), lighting systems & power packs. Sunfuel makes clean energy available to homeowners, schools, businesses, commercial buildings, non-profits & government organisations at very competitive prices. Sunfuel has a global team of professionals with expertise in executing solar power manufacturing & distribution. We deliver perfection in every step from designing, engineering, manufacturing, supply, installation to maintenance of solar panel PV systems ranging from few watts to megawatts as per International standards (IEC, MNRE, ISO etc.)
At Sunfuel, we manufacture high quality solar photovoltaic module with utmost attention provided to quality at each and every step of our production process. Our raw material are from the best in world and Sunfuel solar panels are the amalgamation of the all the high quality material of material from cells to framing to testing , everything is done to make best from the best.

Our founders are deeply invested in the electronics  technology with core focus on solar. We are a group of individuals who work cumulatively to contribute to the nature and society. Our heroes are not business master minds but we are inspired by al gore , Leonardo di caprio , prime minister Narender Modi and all the people who care about environment and doing something about it. Buildings are going green with LEED certification, reducing their carbon foot prints , organisation are in race to go green, with Google and Apple getting recognition as global leader in environment CSR. So we are just doing our part and contributing to the community.

Our mission is to continuously evolve our solar technology to make world a greener place.
Our vision is to harbinger the epitome of sustainable future.

Sunfuel is currently working as a flat organisation with no hierarchy and equal opportunities for all. It was founded by a team of 13 individuals and today we are a team of 100.

Why Solar

During the history of human, Revolution happens whenever we are at the brink and it is the time we go green to stop harming our environment. Slowly solar energy cost has come at par with fossil fuels such as coal, gas etc and with the technological advancements we are at a stage where 46% efficient solar cells are created to maximize output in minimum area. Though this high Efficiency is required where area matter more than cost such as space programs. 16 to 22% efficiency cells are cost effective and provide an excellent mode of electricity generation.

Sunfuel is a global research and development oriented manufacturer of solar photo voltaic modules with global presence. Our panels Range from 2 watts to 370 watts in multi and mono crystalline technologies. We are technologically equipped with people, machines and material to produce all type of photovoltaic panels using 17.2 % to 46% efficiency cells. We are in process of certification from IEC 61215, IEC 61701, IEC 61730, TUV Factory Inspection Certificate & ISO 9001:2014


For additional info., call on following numbers:

INDIA:Call @ +91-11-47552447, +91-9811572869, +91-9811818523

USA:Call Mr. David Angel @ +1-7735049455

Nigeria:Call Mr. Kamal Solanki @ +2348072294004

You can also write us:
Email: info@sunfueltechnology.com


Top-notch manufacturing- 

Damp heat test | Thermal cycling test | Humidity freeze test | Potential induced degradation test | Solar cells: Cell tester EVA: Gel
content test and peel test | Junction box: IP 67 test | RTV Silicone sealant: Adhesiveness test | Electroluminescence test to detect micro cracks | Ammonia test for anti-corrosion | Glass: Fragmentation test | Frame : Frame anodizing test

Quality & Performance-
  • Screw-less frame for high mechanical strength
  • Superior reliability with IP 67 protection in all junction box for
    200 W and above, modules with a system voltage of 1,000 V
  • Greater than 17 micron anodization layer on aluminium frame
    to protect rusting of metal due to moisture and improve the
    insulation of module
  • Glass with anti-reflective coating to improve light transmission
  • Salt mist, Ammonia, Blowing sand and Hail Tested.
  • Ability to sustain heavy snow loads(2400 Pa & 7500 Pa)
  • IP 67 rated MC4 compatible connectors
  • Excellent performance in low light
  • Sand & dust storm resistant